My season has been pretty good!! I hit a homerun and a single in a game :) but I don't play for another 3 weeks :( I'm gonna practice alot though

great job!!

Can you post a really cool picture or edit of one that talks about a pitcher an catcher bond

Will do! Look for it sometime tonight!

I've been playing on the same softball team for about 3 years now and I realized that the team screws around during practices and isn't dedicated to focus and we always lose our games and tournaments, and I really don't want to pay so much money to a team that I know won't succeed, but I love playing at the same time. I need your advice on what you would do? Would you quit the team and go to softball camps or would you stay with the team and deal with the same crap all the time. (summer ball)

Go to a more professional team. Its for the best!

So I've recently started slapping, even though I'm a righty. I'm fast, so my coaches wanted to help use it to my advantage. I'm a little rusty around the edges, any tips on how to get back into it and be a good slapped?

Watch the college girls do it! It’ll help a lot! Make sure your timing is right, thats one of the biggest things, and make sure you run at the pitcher instead of immediately down first base. I’m still mastering the slap, so I don’t know too much.. Good luck!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have played on a travel select team for 7 years now. I play in 14u! I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing.

thank you!!